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Clyde McMillanCompany History
Ever since the invention of the fire pump, firefighters have been plagued with the difficulty of obtaining correct nozzle pressures for nozzles. Based on a simple and reliable design, Task Force Tip nozzles solve this dilemma by constantly adjusting to the varying pressures of the hoseline. First developed by Clyde McMillan, the Company is still managed with the personal touch of the McMillan family. Over the years, many additional products have evolved to make firefighting more effective and safer for firefighters around the world.

As a result, the company which first started in the family basement has grown many times to meet the expanding market demands.

A constant interest in staying on the leading edge of technology, the in-depth use of computerization at all levels, and strong desire for continuing innovative research and development, has made Task Force Tips one of the leading companies in the fire industry.

Task Force Tips’ recent move to 3701 Innovation Way in Valparaiso Indiana marks the eighth time the company has moved or expanded in its nearly four decades of business. The new TFT world headquarters boasts a total area of 168,000 square feet, and employs some 230 workers. The brainchild and dream of founder Clyde McMillan, TFT has championed the manufacturing and distribution of fire fighting nozzles and equipment since 1971. Its sales force spans the globe, representing the Midwestern business in at least 100 countries with no way to determine the actual count.

It was in working with the Gary Fire Task Force that Chief Clyde McMillan, founder of Task Force Tips arrived at the idea of an automatic nozzle, which he drew on a Sunday morning back in 1968 with a paper napkin and a red felt pen. Shortly thereafter, the McMillan family basement became a small business and Task Force Tips was born.

At TFT employees are our most valuable asset. The company works continually with employees to make their work experience both enjoyable as well as productive. We are a proactive employer and are constantly looking for ways to improve the workplace and quality of the work environment. The “team spirit” and goal oriented nature allow employees to meet personal goals while achieving the objectives and goals of the expanding company. Each employee’s personal involvement and enthusiasm has resulted in record breaking months for Products produced and shipped. The entire TFT “family” is firmly dedicated to excellence and performance as well as unmatched customer service. With this much interest in achieving top performance in all areas, success is sure to result.